Transceiver Optics and Cable Options for HP 5820AF-24XG Switch (JG219B)

The requirements of virtualization and cloud trends are changing enterprise business environments, high port density, high throughput and very low latency are bedrock requirements in the data center. The HP 5820 switch series are built to meet these requirements, and help enterprises to reduce operating costs and build agile and resilient enterprises. As a member […]

1.25G SFP Transceiver Solution

SFP optical module is a compact optical transceiver module used in communication field. SFP optical transceivers are designed to support SONET/SDH, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel and other communications standards. It interfaces a network device motherboard (switch, router, media converter or similar device) to a Fiber Channel or Gigabit Ethernet optical fiber cable at […]

Juniper 10-Gigabit Ethernet Optical Transceivers

From the emergence of 10G Ethernet, 10G optical transceivers have been developed along the way to meet the increasing requirement for high performance. From the old XENPAK to X2, XFP, SFP+, optical transceiver becomes smaller, more affordable and less power hungry, which might be a good news for 10G deployment. But with so many options […]

How to Upgrade From 10GbE to 40GbE for Multimode Fiber?

To cope with the never-ending requirement for higher bandwidth, people are looking to migrate from 10G Ethernet to 40G Ethernet, whilst keeping their fiber infrastructure in compliance. However, the ability to migrate from 10G to 40G hinges on knowing the nature and length of the backbone cable. If you don’t know the overall length of […]

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