Why to Choose Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cable?

For data center and enterprise deployments, pre-terminated copper trunk cable is a wonderful choice to achieve simple and quick installation. It can fit most patch panel port densities and improve better airflow and cable management. With the right upfront panning and coordination, these copper trunk cables can offer major benefits over terminating twisted-pair cables in […]

Do You Know About Cat 8 Cable?

Cat 5e or cat 6 cables now are the mainstream of the copper network solution, but optical technology are progressing to promote higher category copper cables for the increasingly heavy-loaded data center solution. Cat 8 cables lately has been much talked about, especially after the TIA category 8 cabling standard approved. Category 8 is regarded […]

Using HDMI Cables for High-Quality Transmission

As audio video systems and installations have become more complex over time, it is common for people to use HD TVs, HD media players, and other home theater systems. Additionally there seemed to be a big variance in quality between brands, especially when it came to extending HDMI signals. Therefore, the introduction of HDMI technology […]

Color Code Standard of Ethernet Cable – T-568B and T-568A

Ethernet cables are the standard cables used for almost all purposes that are often called patch cables or fiber jumper. In an article “How to Choose Ethernet Cable”, we know that Ethernet cables can be categorized into many types, like straight-through and crossover Ethernet cable, UTP or STP, Cat5 or Cat6, etc. But we know […]

How To Choose Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cable is used to connect devices on local area networks (switch, router or hub), which is one of the most popular forms of fiber jumper cables used on wired networks. Ethernet cables are typically classified into sequentially numbered categories based on different specifications, such as cat5, cat5e, cat6, etc. What are the differences between […]

The Reality of Copper and Fiber Cable

The war between copper and fiber has been raged for years and it is never ended. Copper-based systems maintain the same upgrade path that they have for years, while fiber-optic proponents continue to advocate their sense of superiority, which forces people to face the dilemma of selecting copper or optical fiber. So, once again, which […]

Make the Wise Selection of RJ-45 Connectors

Ethernet connections typically use Category 5e or Category 6 cable, which contains four pairs of unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wire. These are terminated using the RJ-45, 8-pin modular connector. The RJ-45 connector is with no doubt one of the most common connector types used in data networks. Choosing the wrong one will often cause grief […]

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