24-Port Gigabit Switch Selection

An Ethernet switch acts as a bridge to connect different parts of a network together. Although many routers also possess the network switching capabilities and multiple Ethernet ports, the Ethernet switch is not the replacement for routers. It is worth emphasizing that Ethernet switches are smarter than routers in that they operate at the data […]

How to Choose a Suitable Network Switch?

A network switch is a small hardware device that centralizes communications among multiple connected devices within one local area network (LAN). Network switches come in different sizes, features and functions, so choosing a switch to match a particular network sometimes constitutes a daunting task. This blog will give you a few useful things to consider […]

Managed Switch VS. Unmanaged Switch: Which to Choose?

Switches are devices used in connecting multiple devices together on a Local Area Network (LAN). In terms of networking, the switch would serve as a controller, which allows the various devices to share information. Switches can be used in the home, a small office or at a location where multiple machines need to be hooked […]

Why Choose PoE Switch for Your Network?

PoE is a technology which enables electrical power to pass over Ethernet cable at distances up to 100m. It is developed to reduce the cost of network planning, cabling and installation. PoE is primarily used for low-powered terminal devices, typically VoIP phones, IP cameras and wireless access points, but it can also provide a redundant […]

Choosing a Fiber Switch

Do you have the experience of setting up a fiber switch for your network system? Or do you feel distressed for choosing an ideal fiber switch for you clients? Fiber switch is the dispensable telecom device that joins multiple devices within one network. There are many factors to be considered before you make a product […]

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