OM5 WB MMF Vs 50 µm Laser Optimized OM4 Vs Single-Mode Fiber Cables

Network speeds like 40G and 100G Ethernet have already become the mainstream in data centers, and the industry is still working collaboratively on the next-generation development for higher density and faster speed. Multimode fibers, for example, are treated as the cost-effective solutions for short-reach optical interconnects. OM5 fiber, certificated in 2016, is know as the […]

Understanding Industrial Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic cabling usually utilizes ruggedized jackets to ensure optimal performance in the face of extreme temperatures; exposure to UV/sunlight, oil, and solvents; and crushing impact, which makes it the ideal solution in any industrial environment where high-speed, high-bandwidth data solutions are needed. It can be used for campus and in-building data backbones to anchor […]

Understand and Tackle Fiber Loss in Fiber Network

Optical fiber is the ideal transmission medium for light signals in contrast to copper cable, and it rarely needs amplification. When the signals carried by light travel through the core of fiber jumper cables, the strength of the light will be weaker, as it’s impossible not to incur degradation of light over the length of […]

How to Reduce the Cost of FTTH Architecture

In our digital world, people increasingly require higher bandwidth to facilitate daily life, whether for leisure, work, education or keeping in contact with friends and family. The presence and speed of internet are regarded as the key factor that subscribers would take into account when buying a new house. Recently there are a growing number […]

Fiber Types and Corresponding Optical Transceivers

Fiber optic patch cable as the basic element of a network, transmits signals through strands of glass or plastic fiber. Fiber optic cables are available in multimode and single-mode fibers terminated with LC, SC, ST, LC, FC, MTRJ, E2000 connectors in simplex and duplex. The typical multimode fiber used in telecom or datacom applications has […]

Loose-Tube or Tight Buffer Indoor/Outdoor Cable for FTTH Application

FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network compared with technologies now used in most places, increases the connection speeds available for residences, apartment building and enterprises. FTTH network is the installation and use of optical fiber from a central point known as an access node to individual buildings. The links between subscriber and access node are […]

How Much Do You Know About Push-Pull Patch Cable?

It is known that fiber optic patch cables are normally named after optical connector or the fiber type, thus people can differentiate optical patch cables according to their names. Today a new fiber optic patch cable—push-pull patch cable is developed to provide high-density performance. Can you tell what this type of cable is used for? […]

How to Ensure Good Performance of Fiber Optic System?

We all know that transmission system is the key part of a fiber optic system. The performance of transmission system can directly affect the performance of fiber optic system. So what is the transmission system? The transmission system is a system that transmits a signal from one place to another. If you want to make […]

To Push or to Pull, That Is the Question?

Push and pull usually come as the opposite side, but in the case of telecommunication field, they definitely come hand in hand. Push-Pull or Pull-Pull cables are used for greater freedom in routing allowing for smaller bend radii in some installations. Their typical applications include vent air controls and mechanical starters in aircraft. This article […]

Copper Cabling for 40G Data Center

A heated debate over whether fiber will take place of copper in the near future has caught people’s attention lately. Five to seven years ago, fiber was considerably more expensive than copper and, as such, was used sparingly. As fiber price has dropped dramatically and our bandwidth needs have grown, data centers have started to […]

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