Why Choose PoE Switch for Your Network?

PoE is a technology which enables electrical power to pass over Ethernet cable at distances up to 100m. It is developed to reduce the cost of network planning, cabling and installation. PoE is primarily used for low-powered terminal devices, typically VoIP phones, IP cameras and wireless access points, but it can also provide a redundant […]

Introduction to 10GbE/25GbE/40GbE/100GbE Fiber Optic Cabling

Technology is changing rapidly. Just when you got used to Gigabit Ethernet speeds being a fast & reliable system, someone unveiled 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE or even 100GbE systems a few years later. The newer and higher performing iterations are indeed the great breakthrough for telecommunication industry, but also pose difficulty in choosing network migration path—10G […]

Use Case for 10G/40G Switch-to-Switch Interconnect

In addition to 10 GbE, the telecom market nowadays is also actively deploying 40 GbE connections to support server connectivity, the typical use case is switch-to-switch interconnects. In fact, copper cables is used in some special cases, primarily for switch-to-switch short-reach connections. However, with the majority of 40 GbE connections being optic fiber-based, fiber optic […]

Eight Factors Influencing Your Fiber Optic Installation Bills

Nowadays more than one third of the popularity have access to the internet. Large enterprises already use the high-capacity fiber-optic access networks, and small- or medium-sized businesses also want to relieve the bottleneck of the copper-based access network and benefit from the fiber-based access network. Nonetheless, costs is one of the factors that small business […]

Do You Know How Fast Your Fiber Optic Internet Can Be?

It is no secret that the technology is continually evolving, so does the demand for consistent and accessible information and entertainment. From the old 56 kbqs crawl of dial-up, to the early 1 Mbqs copper connections and all the way to the existing popular 1 Gbqs, 10 Gbqs/40 Gbqs fiber optic connections, we’ve gone through […]

Cost Comparison: Fusion Splicing Versus Pre-terminated System

Fiber optic joints or termination is a necessary process when installing a network. Every network operators who aim to deploy a next-generation fiber network have to determine how to build a flexible, reliable and long-lasting infrastructure at the lowest possible cost. In general, there are mainly two fiber optic termination methods: splices which create a […]

250um Loose-tube vs. 900um Tight Buffered Fiber

Choosing the right fiber-optic cable has become more challenging than ever. Factors like the advent of new cable designs, suppliers, changes in fiber specifications, and the many claims of cable performance can confuse even the most seasoned network designers. However, the selection of the basic cable design is mostly dependent on the application and installation […]

Which Cabling Solution is Better for Your Data Center

Although cabling only represents less than 10 percent of the overall data center network investment, it outlives most network elements and treated as the most difficult and potentially costly component. With the datacenter cabling ranging from 1G to 10G, 10G to 40G and even to 100G, more complex cabling is required to ensure a good […]

Choose Twisted Copper or Fiber Optic Cabling for the Data Center

When planning for a long-term cabling solution for your data center, it is important to consider future transmission speeds and the infrastructure to support them. Data center houses equipment like servers, storage units, backup power supplies and other equipment, which act as the heart of a building or campus. And all these equipment require high-bandwidth […]

Whether to Go for Aerial or Underground Deployment

In the fiber optic network, a carefully constructed network requires calculated planning and a high level of installation. It is not as easy a cavemen can do it, as many factors should be taken into account when installing a fiber optic network, such as construction costs, time constraints, existing infrastructure, and so on. There are […]

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