Good Forecasts for Global Optical Fiber Cable Market

An optical fiber cable uses light wave for voice and data transmission, its data transmission capacity is 4.5 times more than conventional copper cables. So in the past several decades, we have seen that fiber optic cables are superior to traditional copper twisted-pair cable or coaxial cable because of its unique physical characteristics, allowing information […]

Fiber Optic Cable VS. Copper Cable

In recent years, it has become apparent that fiber optic cables are steadily replacing copper cables as an appropriate means of signal transmission. A fiber optic cable is a network cable that contains strands of glass fibers inside an insulated casing. It is designed for long distance and high performance for data networking and telecommunications. […]

How Is Active Optical Cable Used in Modern Data Centers?

With the advent of big data, the data center landscape is changing rapidly. There are an increasing amount of high density, high bandwidth applications on the market. At this point, the passive cable or copper cable system are in the cart. Active optical cables (AOCs), as the main transmission medium in high performance computers (HPCs) […]

Armored Patch Cable VS. Standard Patch Cable

When transmitting data or conducting power in harsh environments, protecting your cables is crucial to safe and reliable operation. This is why armored cables come into being. Armored fiber optic cable refers to the robust construction of the inner core and jacket. It utilizes an interlocking armored design to eliminate the installment of rigid conduit […]

How Far Can You Bend Your Fiber?

We know that stress and overstrain is a major enemy of the fiber’s lifespan, so cable installers must ensure that during the installation, fiber cables would not suffer from undesirable stretching or bending. Pulling, pushing and blowing are the three techniques used in wire management, which usually cause minor installation strains even for a seasoned […]

Do You Have Any Idea of Water-Resistant Fiber Optic Cable?

There is no doubt that fiber optic cables play an integral role in telecommunication industry. Applications like data centers, local area networks, telecommunication networks, industrial Ethernet, and wireless network are all needing fiber optics to ensure smooth connectivity. Each application requires a specific cable design based on performance requirements, environmental conditions, and installation type. The […]

A Quick Lesson in Fiber Optics

Fiber optics, with its high bandwidth capacities and low attenuation characteristics, is considered to be the ideal building equipment in the telecommunication field. Depending on the type of application and the reach to be achieved, various types of optical fiber may be considered and deployed. This article is devoted to provide solutions to the questions […]

Difference Between Passive and Active Twinax Cable Assembly

Optical fiber cabling had gone through rapid development over recent years and maintained its leading role in telecom field. While twinax cable still remained a good way to access the networking industry trends over the last three decades and presented the highest longevity among all media. Twinax cable (see in following Figure) is a type […]

Chromatic Dispersion in Optical Fibers

Fiber optic technology has been utilized for many years in the telecommunication industry, consumers generally identify it with its high capacity for long-distance high-speed communications. However, over long-haul distance, the broadening of light pulses, called dispersion, is a critical factor limiting the quality of signal transmission over optical links. In this blog, we discuss about […]

Introduction to MPO/MTP Cabling System

The number of network connections in data centers is on the rise. Data centers have to achieve ultra-high density in cabling to accommodate all this cabling in the first place. To solve this, the Multi-fiber Push On (MPO) technology and especially the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) connectors from the manufacturers US Conec have proven to […]

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