Transceiver Optics and Cable Options for HP 5820AF-24XG Switch (JG219B)

The requirements of virtualization and cloud trends are changing enterprise business environments, high port density, high throughput and very low latency are bedrock requirements in the data center. The HP 5820 switch series are built to meet these requirements, and help enterprises to reduce operating costs and build agile and resilient enterprises. As a member […]

How to Create More Capacity in Data Center

With the ever-increasing demand for more computing power and data center servers, data center manager have the responsibility to chart a data center capacity plan and determine what strategy will accommodate business needs best. Of course, they could just expand to large facilities (upgrading to the advanced switch and fiber enclosures). However, not all IT […]

Applying Fiber Plug-and-Play Solutions in Data Center

Fiber plug-and-play solutions for backbone and to the desk applications are a cost-effective and easy install option for mission critical applications such as Data Centers and Storage Area networks (SAN’s). Most fiber plug-and-play solutions operate at a high level of reliability and have considerable design flexibility. This is why it’s so important to have fiber […]

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