Why Needs Cisco GLC-LH-SM Transceiver

Fiber optic technology has proven itself as an indispensable component for network backbone and other high-demand applications as it generally offers greater bandwidth than traditional copper cable. However, fiber optic cables are made of a specialized glass-like material that costs more to manufacture than traditional copper networking cables. Additionally, the interfaces on either end of […]

How to Choose 10G XFP Transceivers

In optical communication networks, there are many devices fundamental to performing smooth technical operation. One indispensable system is called optical transceiver module. A transceiver combines a transmitter and receiver to form a unit and uses the same channels. Optical transceivers are typically found in various form factors, including SFP, GBIC, SFP, XFP and X2 etc, […]

Knowing the Features of Pluggable Optical Modules and Optical Patch Cables

Pluggable Optic modules are typically used in systems to leverage the rapid long data transmission distance of which fiber optic networks are capable. To realize the maximum distance, network designers must ensure that the integrating optical networks are robust and aware of the knowledge of the whole system—the types of optical modules and the electrical […]

Introduction to Cisco 10G SFP+ Passive Copper Cable

Recently, enterprises are replying more and more on the cloud-based application, storage and management system for both internal use and remote access. If network infrastructure still uses 1000BASE-T network and SFP on the back-end today, it obviously can not meet people’s requirement and will be left behind by its competitor. The most cost-effective solution is […]

How Much Do You Know About Push-Pull Patch Cable?

It is known that fiber optic patch cables are normally named after optical connector or the fiber type, thus people can differentiate optical patch cables according to their names. Today a new fiber optic patch cable—push-pull patch cable is developed to provide high-density performance. Can you tell what this type of cable is used for? […]

Juniper 10-Gigabit Ethernet Optical Transceivers

From the emergence of 10G Ethernet, 10G optical transceivers have been developed along the way to meet the increasing requirement for high performance. From the old XENPAK to X2, XFP, SFP+, optical transceiver becomes smaller, more affordable and less power hungry, which might be a good news for 10G deployment. But with so many options […]

1000BASE-SX SFP Transceivers for Gigabit Ethernet

Standardized by the IEEE, Gigabit Ethernet is a term describing various technologies for transmitting Ethernet frames at a rate of a Gigabit per second, which has been considered to be a viable solution for increased bandwidth requirements for growing networks. 1000BASE SFP transceiver is a hot-pluggable input/output device that plugs into a Gigabit Ethernet port/slot, […]

How to Ensure Good Performance of Fiber Optic System?

We all know that transmission system is the key part of a fiber optic system. The performance of transmission system can directly affect the performance of fiber optic system. So what is the transmission system? The transmission system is a system that transmits a signal from one place to another. If you want to make […]

MPO Cable Testing Overview

Nowadays, the existing bandwidth is not adequate to meet enterprises’ increasing appetite. In the meanwhile, optical technologies like cloud computing, virtualization and storage area networks are all in the fast development, which pushes the further development of higher-bandwidth tech like 40/100G Ethernet. Thus under this circumstance, new devices are greatly required. Besides the new optical […]

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