Fibre Channel Over Ethernet in the Data Center

Ethernet and Fibre Channel are the two typical networks that data center will utilize to present operational and maintenance issues. Traditional Ethernet is a family of frame-based computer networking technologies for local area networks (LANs), whereas Fibre Channel is used for storage area networking (SANs). Fiber over Ethernet (FCoE) is a storage networking protocol that […]

Zayo to invest $14 million on FTT network to 78 towers in Indiana

Telecom infrastructure company Zayo Group Holdings will make an investment of $14 million to provide fiber-to-the-tower (FTT) to 78 new towers in Indiana to serve a wireless customer. Zayo said the towers will be located on 234 new network miles south and west of Indianapolis and connect a corridor to Louisville, Kentucky. The sale will […]

Design Consideration for 40G Ethernet Network

With the speed in the data center now increases from 10G to 40G, different optical technology and cabling are required. But at first we should figure out the design of 40G Ethernet network. There are several key factors that may affect the transition to 40G. This article today will pay special attention to those aspects […]

To Push or to Pull, That Is the Question?

Push and pull usually come as the opposite side, but in the case of telecommunication field, they definitely come hand in hand. Push-Pull or Pull-Pull cables are used for greater freedom in routing allowing for smaller bend radii in some installations. Their typical applications include vent air controls and mechanical starters in aircraft. This article […]

Things You Won’t Miss About Juniper QSFP+ Options

In 2010, the IEEE ratified the 802.3ba standard for 40/100GbE. Similar to how transportation highways are scaled to support increased traffic with multiple lanes, the 40GbE standards use parallel optics, or multiple lanes of fiber transmitting at the same speed. This cost effective 40GbE solutions are a key enabler for delivering support for higher bandwidth […]

ZTE announces record 2015 revenues on LTE and optical networks

Chinese networking vendor ZTE maintained its strong profit growth in 2015, but this time it was fuelled by a healthy jump in revenues as much as cutting overheads. In its guidance for full-year 2015 ZTE said it expects revenue to top RMB 100 billion, with improved sales of LTE and optical networks driving the growth […]

Mellanox QSFP+ Interconnect Solutions

From 3Mbps to the IEEE 802.3ba standard now supporting 40/100G speed, telecommunication field has gone through a huge migration. Let us ignore what has happened in this process, and take a look at the sudden emergence of 40G network, which has far-reaching significance to the user. From the equipment point of view, high-density 40GbE core […]

Difference Between Passive and Active Twinax Cable Assembly

Optical fiber cabling had gone through rapid development over recent years and maintained its leading role in telecom field. While twinax cable still remained a good way to access the networking industry trends over the last three decades and presented the highest longevity among all media. Twinax cable (see in following Figure) is a type […]

Copper Cabling for 40G Data Center

A heated debate over whether fiber will take place of copper in the near future has caught people’s attention lately. Five to seven years ago, fiber was considerably more expensive than copper and, as such, was used sparingly. As fiber price has dropped dramatically and our bandwidth needs have grown, data centers have started to […]

Ford plans commuter app, Ford car not required

SAN FRANCISCO – Ford is making a big push to get intimately involved with the daily mobility needs of all motorists, regardless of whether they own a Ford automobile. In April, the automaker will launch a smartphone app called FordPass that helps users with parking and other services, provides live assistants via chat or voice, […]

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